Critical Illness

Critical Illness, Long-Term Disability
& Life Insurance

Protect your family and your wealth

Plan for the future

We can't predict the future but we can take the necessary steps to ensure we are prepared.

Critical Illness

A critical illness such as cancer, a heart attack or stroke can take a serious toll on your mental, physical and financial well-being. Critical Illness Insurance can help you be prepared for the unthinkable.

Protect your income

Disability benefits can replace up to 60% to 85% of your income.

Long-Term Disability

When you are disabled because of an illness or injury, your income stops - but your bills don’t. Disability insurance replaces a portion of your income and secures financial stability.

Secure your wealth

Don't let unexpected events impact your family's financial well-being.

Life Insurance

If you are the primary bread winner for your family, they may not be able to afford financial commitments if you're not there. Address these concerns by purchasing life insurance

Critical Illness insurance helps you pay for costs associated with life altering illnesses. If you become sick with an illness covered by your CI policy and survive the waiting period, you receive a lump sum of money.

Critical illness was developed by Doctors NOT by Insurance companies.

In the late 1980s Critical Illness was developed by Dr. Marius Barnard, a cardiologist from South Africa. Dr. Barnard found many heart transplant patients were not recovering, or not recovering as well as expected after recieving treatment. Barnard could not find any medical reason for this. After closer examination of patient situations, Barnard came to the realization that many were in financial ruin as a result of their illnesses. Modern medicine had saved these people, but financially they were struggling – and it was negatively affecting there health and recovery. Dr. Barnard approached a local insurance company with his concern and played a major role in the development and design of the product we now call Critical Illness.