A true full picture of the market

Northern Financial Group has specialized in group benefits for over 30 years. Throughout this period, we’ve narrowed our focus to partnering with the top group benefit providers in Canada. We only work with the providers that project Northern’s core values – insurance companies that offer reasonable rates and renewals, open to working with our clients and offer excellent (timeliness) customer service.

Northern Financial Group is an independent advisor – this means that we work with all insurance companies and have no preference on what company you ultimately sign up with. Our role is to present you all options in the market and help you make the best decision for your business. This includes but not limited to; pricing (rates), coverage or plan design and negotiating renewals on your behalf.

Over these 30+ years we also noticed a common trend – that companies found it increasingly expensive to maintain traditional group benefit products. Instead of simply taking the market and products for what they were at the time, Northern Financial Group partnered with an insurance company to provide a pooled product to our clients.

The Olympic Benefits Plan is the only pooled product of its kind in Canada and only available through Northern Financial Group.

We believe that taking the initiative to create a new product rather than simply offering traditional products differentiates Northern Financial Group from all other advisors. It shows our commitment to our clients and our innovative process that we continue to approve upon.

The Olympic Benefits Plan may not be the best solution for your company – but it does give you another option to consider that no other advisor in Canada can offer your company.

If you’re interested in reviewing the pooled product and what traditional plans have to offer your business, please contact us.