Almost all advisors offer identical products for your company group health benefits and it’s been this way for decades. Northern Financial Group offers these traditional products PLUS options not available through other advisors.

You can search the internet all day but you will not find any other company life, health and dental plan disclosing pricing and coverage details. Northern Financial Group is the only advisor in Canada to disclose pricing and coverage before collecting your information – our fully transparent Olympic Benefits Plan is available to businesses in Ontario, BC and Alberta.

The Olympic Benefits Plans brings together thousands of members to help reduced cost. Think of it like buying in bulk – the more you purchase the lower the cost. Using the “buy in bulk” principle, we are able to offer clients a product that effectively reduces the insurance company’s expected gross profit margin relative to standalone plans. Less profit for the insurance companies results in lower costs for your group health benefits plan. 

This is the fifth year since the Olympic Benefits Plan first began and we continue to be committed to keeping rates reasonable for all participants. Throughout all of the pooled renewals, we have yet to have an average increase over 10% and our offered health rates have remained unchanged since inception.

Northern Financial created the Olympic Benefits Plan and we continuously innovate our products and service offerings to help differentiate ourselves. These improvements are not as ground-breaking as the invention of the lightbulb but they will help reduce cost, administrative work and ongoing plan maintenance.

If you’re interested in finding out more please contact us.