Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Northern Financial Group, Green Shield Canada

Individual Health Insurance for you and your family.

Northern Financial Group has partnered with Green Shield Canada to allow you online access to find the best individual health plan for you!

Green Shield offers two coverage options: ZONE coverage & LINK coverage. Both plans allow you to pick from Single, Couple or Family plans based on your needs.


This coverage offers coverage for life for you and your family. Whether you are self-employed, small business owner, part-time employee, seasonal employee or just need to provide benefits for yourself, this is the coverage you should be quoting.


This coverage was designed for individuals coming off a group benefits plan. No health questions needed if you apply within 90 days of leaving your current group plan.

Individual Health Insurance


Step #1: Pick either ZONE or LINK coverage.

Step #2: Input your information.

Step #3: Review the ZONE or LINK options that appear. Plan options will include pricing and plan details.

Step #4: Once you have decided on a plan option you can click on APPLY NOW and proceed to complete the enrolment form.


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