Group Benefits

Group Benefits Plan

As an owner of a business, big or small, you can provide a Group Benefits plan to you and your employees.  A Group Benefits plan can be the difference between your employees commitment to their job and success of your business – Show your employees you care through building a Group Benefits plan.

Northern Financial Group provides a range of optional Group Benefits to choose from.  Putting together a Group Benefits plan can be overwhelming.  With our 25 years of experience, we have been able to make the process stress-free through providing our step-by-step plan as we guide you from start to finish and beyond.  Group Benefits are a financial peace and security for you and your employees.

Northern Financial Group benefits plans can be customized to fit the specific needs your business requires, no matter its size.  From standard plans to more complex plans, we can help you build a plan just right for you and your employees.

Extended Health Care:

Healthcare coverage is an important part of any businesses group benefits plan.  This coverage helps your plan members bridge the widening gap between their health expense needs and provincial health insurance plans.  An extended health care component allows plan members and their dependents to obtain a reimbursement for the following expenses:

  • Hospitalization
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Medical & paramedical treatment
  • Vision Care
  • Emergency services outside the home province

Critical Illness Coverage:

Critical Illness Insurance provides a one-time, lump-sum payment if a plan member is unfortunately diagnosed with a covered critical condition – such as cancer, heart attack or stroke.  As an employer, you can help your employees reduce the impact of a critical illness by providing Critical Illness in your group benefits plan.

Dental Care:

Dental care benefits allow plan members and their dependents to obtain reimbursement for eligible dental expenses incurred for dental examinations and fillings as well as special treatment such as crowns, root canals, orthodontist, etc.

Disability (Short Term & Long Term):

The disability benefits helps plan members cope with the loss of income resulting from their inability to work due to illness or injury.  Short term disability benefits provide for the payment of a fixed benefit or an amount equal to a percentage of the plan members salary.  Long term disability benefits provide for the payment of a benefit equal to a percentage of the plan members monthly salary due to illness or injury that occurs at work or not at work.