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  • employee benefits

4 Reasons to offer Employee Benefits

Your employees make it their business to make sure yours is taken care of, so isn’t it reasonable to expect that you should make it your business to take care of your employees? When you offer a group benefits package...
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  • critical illness insurance

The Importance of Critical Illness Insurance

Have you ever thought about how your life would change if you were diagnosed with a life threatening illness? What if you were diagnosed with Cancer today, or had a heart attack tonight? Or had a stroke at work today?...
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  • life insurance

Common Life Insurance Mistakes To Avoid

It’s true that when it comes to life insurance, a certain level of confusion tends to exist amongst Canadians.  What actually is life insurance?  Do I really need it?  What does it cover?   Doesn’t my company insurance policy protect me? ...
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  • term insurance, permanent insurance

Battle over Term versus Permanent Life Insurance

The battle over term versus permanent life insurance need not be a battle at all.  Both can co-exist in the insurance world, because there are appropriate uses for both of them.  Term insurance provides coverage for a specific period, such as...
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